Letters: Martin Sayers, December 18, 2015

fighting in Syria PPP-150521-154814001
fighting in Syria PPP-150521-154814001
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I know that they say that you shouldn’t feed the trolls when it comes to the internet or correspondence but sometimes a chap just can’t resist.

I refer to the latest missive by Mike Larcey of course. He talks about “The Young People” who travel to the Middle East to kill, I imagine he’s referring to the likes of “Jihadi John”. Do you remember Jihadi John, dear readers? He’s the chap who posed on camera cutting the head off hostages and whose career was cut mercifully short recently courtesy of a well-aimed bomb. According to Mr Larcey it wasn’t really John’s fault, and he certainly wasn’t a religious fanatic. Far from it, it was all our fault dear readers, the fault of society don’t you know, because society (you and I) treated him with inequality, alienation and poverty. You have to wonder what the friends and relatives of his victims feel when they read such stuff.

Martin Sayers

St Augustines Way, South Wootton