Letters: Martin Yaxley, December 9, 2016

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Reading Letters in your paper November 29 and December 2, I would like to add another viewpoint to the eagle-eyed amongst you and the remainers still moaning.

Firstly the £100 billion black hole which is there but not a direct result of Brexit and would still be there even if we had stayed in, is an accumulation of many years of bad management by several governments and banks spending money we did not have and selling our reserves of gold (Gordon Brown) to carry on the illusion we had a stable economy and us,propping up the banks while politicians can just walk away. Starting with the very vocal remainers John Major, Tony Blair, Nick Clegg, Nicola Sturgeon and Gina Miller, who is not a politician but has taken it to the high court to try to slow down our exit or indeed stop what has already been decided. The fall of the pound against the dollar again is true, but not new. Look back to 1985 when the pound fell to its lowest against the dollar while being in the EU. And the free trade market, which has not been that for such a long time, has meant we paid billions more than a lot of the EU for membership and the single market.Now Philip Hammond along with David Davis are considering paying the EU a £60 billion settlement but what the hell for? Is this our response, we pay, we allow this country to be bullied by Brussels? We owe them nothing. If any tariff that gets applied to us is also applied to them, which will be more costly for all businesses, it’s not a one-sided coin for their demands which makes me doubt if our unelected leader Teresa May, who had years to bring down net migration to tens of thousands for those coming from outside of the EU, has the balls to do the job she has agreed to take on? As for Scotland, the poorest of all the EU members carrying more debt than Greece, would the EU really want to pick up the tab which the English tax payer has to fork out which runs into billions so they can have most things for free? The Scottish people know they have a good deal with us and voted to stay with us and, secondly, she knows the more she threatens our politicians with another referendum, the more money she will secure for Scotland.

And 660,000 people came into our country in the last year, thousands without work and that’s the ones we know of. So let’s not talk about where we will be without migrants, but what are we going to do with them.

Martin Yaxley, Birchwood Street, Lynn