Letters: Martin Yaxley, February 20, 2015

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I would like to reply to Malcolm Cox (Letters, February 6).

He states he has every sympathy for the writer’s plight and appreciates how dispirited ‘Shouldham’ would have been to only get a dismissive response from Liz Truss and nothing from Henry Bellingham.

As you are well aware politicians pick their platforms to promote themselves and their parties.

I guess this subject was not big enough or not on their radar for impact purposes.

On the other hand looking at it positively, Mr Farage replied thoughtfully and, of course, it was a morale booster.

Because Mr Farage cares about the ‘ordinary people’, something which has been lacking from the three main parties, you then take the opportunity to being ‘digging’ into the record of Mr Farage and UKIP.

Well, if everyone is digging let’s look back at governments of the past 10 years or so and see what’s been unearthed about them. Forming a treaty with Europe, excluding us from a vote at the start, an open-door policy which has proven to be a disaster; an Iraq war which looks very much like it was not our fight and will be a problem to us for years to come; troops sent in to Afghanistan with sub-standard armoured vehicles and equipment, plus regiments finding out while laying down their lives for us that they would be disbanded and out of a job on returning; the NHS, under the hammer with politicians to blame for wasting billions of pounds on reorganisation; Mr Gove attacking teachers and pupils, basically saying that teachers are not up to the job and schoolchildren had it easy compared to other countries and their exam results not worth the paper they are written on. How disillusioned would they have felt.

Thinking of students, how about the big LibDem con telling these young people and their families that university would be free, then after being elected, taking it back saying sorry we got it wrong.

Then there are cover-ups, allegedly, of paedophiles in government spanning years, cover-ups on expenses, house flipping ... the lists go on.

At least Mr Farage is trying to stop the problems this country faces, not add to them.

If you throw in Rotherham, and the treatment of old people, I think there is plenty to talk about on the doorsteps.

Our freedom will come when we vote, let the people decide and hopefully more voters will come out and vote for the party who will make the necessary changes.

The UKIP party is ready for government; it’s just the government is not ready for them.

Martin Yaxley,

Birchwood Street, Lynn