Letters: Martin Yaxley, February 5, 2016

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EU flag PNL-140404-113516001
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I have just been reading the “Europe and You” paper and as I expected, it was full of doom and gloom and scary stuff if we choose to leave the EU. We even have a threat from the USA of facing trading barriers with the EU indicating much the same.

So we will be treated like Iran or Russia if we do not comply. So much for friendship between the countries, then. We import four times the amount as we export to the EU, so it would not make sense to put restrictions on us as two could play at that game.In the last two years we have exported more outside the EU so anything is possible. Also it is estimated if we remain in the EU in the next 15 years there will be another 790,000 jobs created. That is only a guess at best but if true, share that with 500 million people in Europe.

What percentage of British people will be employed? Businesses bark their approval to stay in saying we want to attract skilled people but what we mostly get is millions of unskilled people and we have very little say in the selection process. Sir Hugh Orde reckons by staying in and sharing intelligence it will help keep Britain safe, but why would we stop sharing information which would benefit every country?

The truth is, our safety was jeopardised the moment our Government agreed to an open-door policy and we have been at risk ever since.

Martin Yaxley, Birchwood Street, Lynn