Letters: Martin Yaxley, June 10, 2016

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Although there are many reasons to consider which ever way you choose to vote, the main two topics seem to be economy versus migration.

Now I do not have a crystal ball on the economy but neither do the economists – they can only make a forecast or a prediction. What does make no sense to me is the fact that these economists can only talk of doom and gloom if we leave. Surely you would expect them to forecast the possibility that expanding our trade around the world unhindered by EU restrictions could actually make our economy even stronger?

We have a benchmark on migration and real figures to go by and with that we can forecast and make a sound prediction which way this will end up, over-populated a broken infrastructure and nothing we can do about it if you choose to stay in.

Freedom of movement unfortunately allows killers, rapists, paedophiles and people traffickers to be here. That’s a fact. We seem to be powerless to evict them. And something which does not make any sense to me is why did our government not put some cast iron law on restricting high end dangerous criminals coming here from the start?

Martin Yaxley, Birchwood Street, Lynn