Letters: Martin Yaxley, March 11, 2016

Election Count at Lynnsport King's Lynn'Henry Bellingham ANL-150805-111717009
Election Count at Lynnsport King's Lynn'Henry Bellingham ANL-150805-111717009
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I would like to respond to Sir Henry Bellingham on “vote to leave”, February 23 and am glad to see MPs standing up for what they truly believe in rather than what their party expects them to do.

Many people share his view, including me. At the moment 65 per cent of our laws are made in the EU, of which a high percentage do not work for us. It affects small businesses, fishing and farming industries in a negative way with restrictions. Human rights laws prevent us from returning high-risk criminals back to their own countries because of Article 8, giving them the right to family life, even though it may have affected ours. It clearly sends out the wrong message and almost encourages more criminals to come here . For our membership, we hand over £12 billion a year. Immigration is always in my thoughts. In 2004 when more eastern European countries joined the EU, Tony Blair instead of using his right to stagger the amounts coming over here over a seven-year period, decided to let our country become overrun with immigrants, which is not their fault, but the fault of all governments. In last year’s figures it came out that only about 250,000 came here to work, but the government dished out 700,000 work permits. I am not being racist, I am just talking about the volumes of people. With regard to housing, it was mentioned in the the Lynn News (February 26) that 710 new houses were to be built by 2028. If we stay in, we will probably need that amount each year. We need to leave, control our borders, control our laws and most of all, protect our own people and our destiny. So let’s be friends with Europe but let them know we are not European, we are British and proud of who we are.

Martin Yaxley, Birchwood Street, Lynn