Letters: Martin Yaxley, May 20, 2016

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We have the fifth largest economy in the world, we are worth around $3.04 trillion, built up through generations of hardworking British people.

There is no hard evidence that economic trade will significantly fall or jobs would change that much, nothing that has not already happened while being in the EU. If anything we stand to gain as there will be no one holding us back and we would be freed from the Brussels red tape and all their restrictions. Plus, most of the economies in the other 27 countries and job markets are in a much worse condition than us, like the euro. So surely it would do them more harm than good and would it really be in their interests to impose trading costs on us? Would we not put the same costs on their goods?Remember, we have about four times the amount coming into our country; it could be more costly for them and put their jobs in jeopardy. Only about five per cent of our companies trade with the EU, which leaves the other 95 per cent to strike up bigger and better deals world wide.

As 65 per cent of all our laws are made by these unelected, unaccountable, unstoppable bureaucrats, it seems we have to pay twice, for two sets of people ruling over us.

Then there’s these tough new restrictions on welfare. This is not law, and our stupid human rights law, which is law, would soon make short work of that and everyone coming here will receive entitlements and benefits far higher than in most of their countries, which in some cases are valued greater than working. That’s why we need to have our own laws so we can end this free-for-all benefits system. People coming here should be able to support themselves and have a job offer, so we need to have an Australian-style points system.

Some migration is a good thing but open door mass migration is proving to be to costly on our own people: the job losses the Government talks about if we leave have already happened, through letting anyone from Europe come here. Millions of jobs have gone forever, so our children will struggle to find work, as will future generations to come. The knock-on effect on schools, hospitals, housing etc is becoming overwhelming, where doctors’ surgeries are now not taking any more people because they cannot cope. The Government knows this but does nothing.

Martin Yaxley, Birchwood Street, King’s Lynn