Letters: Mary Urry, March 8, 2016

david cameron PMQ PPP-160302-121321001
david cameron PMQ PPP-160302-121321001
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After reading in a national newspaper how lucky Mr Cameron and his fellow members are getting a £1,000 pay rise to top their wages to £74,942 annually, how do they think pensioners can manage on their small increase, especially when some get a small private pension they have paid into all their lives and are taxed on that too.

As for the junior doctors’ strike, I do not blame them one little bit, many woakring 90 hours per week – for what? It’s time Jeremy Hunt did the proper thing and give them what they deserve. I’m sure he would not like to work those hours without extra money at weekends. I can see many leaving this country and working abroad.

Mary Urry, Lynn