Letters: Matthew Hannay, April 12, 2016

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As members of the EU however, we have 75% of our laws made for us by 28 unelected EU Commissioners who are the only body in the EU who can propose and repeal EU legislation.

The EU Parliament is nothing but a charade as it can only merely make slight changes to proposed EU legislation and do very little to make major amendments or even stop a piece of new EU legislation. To argue that the UK is firmly and decisively involved in decision-making is another myth; the UK has only 8% of the vote in the EU Parliament and when the UK has voted against new EU legislation at the EU Council of Ministers, we have been outvoted every time and concede defeat. And when Mr Larcey talks about ‘fair and equal governance of all peoples’, may I point out Ireland and how when they voted ‘No’ to the Lisbon Treaty in a referendum they were told to vote again by the same unelected EU bureaucrats because they’d got it wrong and the Irish were bullied into voting ‘Yes’.

Is it it right that unelected EU Commissioners make all the rules and our trade deals? Or is it right that the politicians that we send to Westminster make the laws and if we don’t like that government we can vote them out ?

Matthew Hannay, King’s Lynn Leave.EU, Terrrington St Clement