Letters: Matthew Hannay, October 14, 2016

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Yet again,Lynn News readers were met with another Brexit doom and gloom letter by Mr Larcey (September 30) who continues to make the case as to why the UK should remain a member of a declining, protectionist customs union.

Judging by Mr Larcey’s letter, I will take a hint that he is a socialist, which is strange really, as I struggle to see how any true socialist can support the concept of free movement of capital? Mr Larcey touches on the subject of workers’ rights. The EU does not protect workers’ rights. This is very much highlighted in ECJ Case Law. In Viking (2007 C-438/05) the employer tried to replace Finnish seafarers with cheap Estonian labour. The Finnish Seamen’s Union took industrial strike action and the ECJ held that the right to strike could infringe a business’s freedom of establishment and deemed the strike action illegal. I would recommend that Mr Larcey look at the cases of Laval (2007 C-341/05) and Ruffert (2008 C-346/06). These three cases make clear that the rights of workers enshrined in both the Community Charter of the Fundamental Social Rights and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights are entirely subordinate to the economic freedom and interests of employers and multi-national companies. So much for the EU protecting workers’ rights as we’re told by those who wanted us to remain...

Matthew Hannay

UKIP Young Independence Norfolk Chairman