Letters: May 1, 2015

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I am writing to support Richard Driscoll’s letter (Lynn News, Friday, April 12) regarding the county council’s proposal to impose 24-hour residents parking permits on Springwood Estate.

As he points out, it is unfair that the cut-off time for responses is during the period of council elections – when there is no opportunity for proper discussion.

The plans for additional double yellow lines should resolve the majority of problems. When these are in place, parking permits will hardly be necessary as parking spots close to the hospital will then be extremely limited.

It appears that it is hospital staff who are more likely to park further into the estate (staff cars often arrive before 8am) whereas the longer walk would deter patients or visitors. If so, it is the hospital’s responsibility to address staff parking issues – NOT the estate residents.

These proposals for parking permits are NOT what the council calls “a benefit to residents”. I would submit that to impose such a charge would be fundamentally unjust. It is not right that residents plus their visitors should be forced to pay annually for the inconsiderate and dangerous parking of others.

Since the police already have the necessary powers to enforce parking restrictions on double yellow lines the imposition and administration of parking permits would be a waste of public money.

What is now a pleasant residential environment will become more like a “police state” with wardens on patrol.

I understand that about 44 per cent of Springwood respondents were in favour of this scheme.

Apparently when a similar situation arose in Hunstanton, in 2013, a 74 per cent approval rating was required for each street.

If other areas in Lynn are in line for similar schemes, when can we expect proper information? And what exactly are the criteria?

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