Letters: Michael de Whalley, May 8, 2015

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As a political opponent, it may seem an extraordinary thing to say but I would like to commend Jo Rust for taking the bold step of contemplating a judicial review of the planning decision to approve the new access road for the proposed Lynnsport development.

My own experience of taking Norfolk County Council to court over the decision to procure their waste incinerator was particularly harrowing.

The incinerator decision was one that ignored an overwhelming public vote of 92 per cent against and imposed an unnecessary and eye watering cost of £35 million to escape from.

It was an immense struggle for the community to raise the money to finance the court action and it is an act for which I am eternally grateful.

That responsibility weighed heavily on my shoulders until the incinerator was finally defeated in January.

When it comes to granting planning permission, I cannot accept that any council can act in an objective manner when it is the landowner, applicant and determining authority. If elected, I would seek to end this madness.

Until that day, we will continue to rely on community champions running the gauntlet of judicial review.

For the sake of our community, I hope that Jo is able to follow through with her stated intentions in this matter. In return, I will offer what support I can.

Michael de Whalley,

Chequers Road, Grimston