Letters: Michael McDonnell, February 3, 2015

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Jo Rust continues to receive very favourable treatment by your newspaper. Does every single letter that she writes get published? Or is this intended to be a means of revealing just how ridiculous some of her thoughts are?

Gordon Brown promised no more boom and bust, but led the country into near bankruptcy. The missed opportunities since the so-called crisis of 2008 are not of the Conservative Government’s making, but more due to the spendthrift culture which permeated throughout much of the last Labour government, in an attempt to buy votes.

The Iron Chancellor was reportedly the most successful ever, raising more money through taxation and stealth tax than ever before, but still managed, by one of his own minister’s account, to leave the cupboard bare! A bloated civil service, ridiculous programmes – £1 billion to try and stop truancy for example, meant he left the country in a much worse state than he found it in 1997. Tax and spend, tax and spend. The proven way for ultimate failure.

And while Jo Rust’s latest attempt to criticise the Government is manifested by her observations on the NHS, she again neglects to mention the enormous burden imposed on the service by Gordon Brown during Labour’s custodianship by placing so many of our hospitals on to the PPI (Public Private Finance Initiative) at high interest rates’, again a deception, because of it being so-called ‘off balance sheet’. This at a time when interest rates have never been lower.

So while you keep crowing Jo; at least take a look at yourself in the mirror, and see if you really believe what you say. Many members of my family have been involved with the NHS these past five years, and ALL have been treated in an exemplary fashion. Jo Rust seems to be very intent on pulling the wool over people’s eyes. I wonder why?

Don’t talk about the economy, don’t mention immigration, avoid talking about increased taxation. This is Labour’s idea of a ‘better plan’. The paucity of their case is surely demonstrated by the fact that Labour has to rely on the ‘politics of fear’ to try and win re-election. What state would the country have been in had they had their own mess to clean up these last five years??

Michael McDonnell,