Letters: Michael Smith, August 5, 2016

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While walking along the waterfront in Lynn my wife and I passed Marriotts Warehouse restaurant.

There were many people enjoying the sunshine and fresh breeze off the river while eating and drinking. Sitting among them was a man who first appeared to be missing his head. As we drew closer we could see that he had pulled his T-shirt up over his head and was on his mobile phone in the darkness. When we came to the Purfleet we saw dozens of teenagers sitting around in small groups, mostly hidden in the shadows so they could see their screens. Every single one was staring blankly at their gadgets. Later we sat outside Prezzo’s in Tuesday Market Place. Three adults close by spent their entire time on their mobiles. Hardly a word passed between them.

An elderly man and his wife sat to the left of us. He never put his mobile down until his food arrived. We walked back along the waterfront to the car park, dodging in between yet more walking, texting/talking mobile users. Do you ever get the feeling you are living in a parallel universe?

Michael Smith, Dersingham