Letters: Michael Stone, January 31, 2017

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I read Mr Vinehill’s letter telling us leavers that the EU is not a federal union.

Well he may be surprised that I agree with him however, it is only a hair’s breadth away from full federalism. The Lisbon Treaty gave it a national anthem, a flag and reinforced the single currency. Now they are forming an EU army, which was derided during the campaign. What else is needed to make it a country called Europe?

The EU controls our working hours, how many fish we can catch, agriculture, environment, energy, free trade agreements, how much is charged in the way of tariffs, over rules our legal system and the way firms procure contracts – to list but a few. To say it wasn’t lefty liberals that took us in is correct – it was the Tories, who have always been in favour of the EU. While the far left socialist workers party described it as a “bosses’ union” at the time. From Callaghan to Foot, and even Kinnock, all run on a leave ticket. It wasn’t until Blair came along, did the Labour party become Europhile. When we joined the common market it was just a free trade area however, it has become so much more which was always the plan. The EU’s sole reason for existence is to protect its over-regulated and inefficient market from the outside world. The world we will be joining where free trade deals don’t take ten years.

Trade talks between USA and Australia started in April 2003 and the deal was signed in May 2004, just 13 months, unlike the Canadian deal with the EU and the now failed USA trade deal. The EU is a dying trading block that the world is leaving behind.

As for the referendum not being democratic really is grasping at straws.

The age of suffrage in this country has been 18 for years, the SNP only lowered the age of voting because it felt would benefit them. EU nationals are not allowed to vote in national elections, only UK citizens have that right.

If the argument put by Mr Vinehill was so game changing, why didn’t the remain campaign use them? No , they went with project fear backed by the pro EU BBC which gave the remain campaign all the help it needed and still does.

Michael Stone

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