Letters: Michael Stone, March 31, 2017

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I read Mr Larcey’s letter of March 17, and his analysis of the referendum is quite laughable.

He claims Mr Trump had a large hand in getting a leave vote. However, Labour’s Ben Bradshaw MP on December 12 claimed in Parliament it was Russian hacking that won the Leave vote. The Russians have also been accused of getting Mr Trump elected.

The Remain campaign had the BBC on its side, they were always the first to report the remain side with no analysis of what was being reported. Such as the emergency budget we would had to have had if there was a Leave vote. We had President Obama come and tell us we would be at the back of the queue in any trade deal. On the orders of Cameron. The Bank of England and the IMF both reported the UK would go into recession. Both have since revised their forecasts. The people decided that Remain did not run a positive campaign, whereas the Leave campaign offered a bright future where we could trade with the world, take control of our borders and make our own laws. We can also claim our waters back, benefiting our fishermen and all the industry that goes with it. Lynn can really become a boom town from this. We can buy food from outside the EU without a large tariff from poorer countries that are barred from trading with the EU. As those countries start to prosper they will be able to buy our goods, that is what trade is all about, both sides win. The EU has become so inefficient it is only high trade tariffs that protect it from the efficient world market.

Michael Stone

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