Letters: Michael Warden, August 4, 2015

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In answer to the recent letter ( Lynn News, July 28 ) regarding the current “swarm” of “migrants” (for migrants, read illegal immigrants), I would ask your readers to consider the following objectively.

Mass migration is colonization – always has been. To act like the present is different from all history is a leftist delusion. The immigrants have formed and will continue to form tribal enclaves. We have – officially – 1.85 million unemployed plus thousands more working part time and on zero hours contracts, and we need MORE people?

According to the Office of National Statistics, one in four children born in Britain in 2014 had a foreign mother. It is becoming extremely obvious, even to those formerly brainwashed by multicultural propaganda, that multiculturalism is a disastrous failure. We have been browbeaten and bullied with decades of multicultural brainwashing.

If that were not bad enough, those who do notice are branded as “vile racists” and “Islamophobics” and silenced with bullying tactics by cultural Marxists and those who live in la la land.

Michael Warden

Tilney St Lawrence