Letters: Michael Warden, August 8, 2015

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I see the acolytes of the various political parties are voicing their opinions.

Not much to choose between leaders, although Corbyn at least sticks to his principles – even though they are firmly stuck in the dim and distant past. But does it really matter who leads Labour? Labour ditched its core support – white working class – in favour of immigrants, who they supposed would not only vote Labour, but also make Britain “truly multicultural” – whatever that means.

The view of the British National Party is: “ How can you ever trust a party that has completely changed the social fabric of a once-great nation, just to meet its own, twisted, political ends? For the foreseeable future our world view should encompass securing our borders, securing our food supplies, securing our power supplies, repatriating the enemy within, building up our armed forces and manufacturing industries again, and instilling a sense of responsibility into the lazy and feckless, whilst putting them to work for all and any benefits they may receive, and leaving the EU to stew in its own juice .”

Michael Warden

Tilney St Lawrence