Letters: Michael Warden, July 3, 2015

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After the Lynn News was kind enough to publish my call for a campaign against halal slaughter, I waited for the deluge of emails in support.

It would appear, however, that after all the huffing and puffing over fox hunting, only a lady from Downham and a gentleman from Hunstanton were prepared to get off their rear ends and actually do something instead of pontificating from the comfort of their armchairs.

I would like to thank the two people concerned for their support.

I realise that attacking fox hunting is considered de rigueur in certain quarters but attacking halal slaughter may be construed as attacking Islam and therefore risking the ire of the dreaded Diversity Officer. This I found out when criticising the appearance of a mosque in Lynn. This act of apparent impertinence earned me a visit from Special Branch. At least I did not have my collar felt.

The campaign will continue but this time it will have to be politically inspired (not, let me add, by any of the so-called main parties who are all in favour of halal – as is the RSPCA).

My thanks once again to the two people concerned and the Lynn News.

Michael Warden

Tilney St Lawrence