Letters: Michael Warden, March 17, 2015

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It is good to see UKIP advocating no tuition fees for students. However, the British National Party has this in its Manifesto and it has been there for years. Still, they do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I also see the Farrago got his nose into the Rotherham scandal – the British National Party publicised this 14 years – YES 14 YEARS – ago. The then chairman of the BNP was arrested on Race Hate charges (all in the name of Social Cohesion) – for making public the muslim raping of under age girls – and then acquitted. It took years to become well known enough generally to be taken up by the media and then – shock horror! How could this happen? Not one of the councillors, including UKIP, spoke out about what was happening during those years. Why was that? Not conducive to the public good?

Despite the police, councillors, social services and no doubt local newspapers knowing what was happening, no-one said a word. So UKIP can’t plead ignorance.

I feel desperately sorry for youKippers. The Farrago will not get enough seats to influence a vote on the EU and will certainly not have any answers for immigration and Islamification.

Since the UKIP leader has stated that “he has no problem with Muslims”, perhaps UKIP candidates would like to give their opinion on the King’s Lynn mosque?

Michael Warden,

Tilney St Lawrence