Letters: Michael Warden, March 20, 2015

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May I compliment Big Eye in his column (Lynn News, March 10) concerning fox hunting.

A masterpiece of ignorance and stupidity reeking of political bigotry.

The Fox – Charlie round here, by the way, not Reynard – is a vicious wild animal that will kill anything in its path. Chickens, geese, lambs, the odd cat or small dog.

Some otherwise sane people actually put food out for urban foxes – and then wonder why their cat is missing.

Does Big Eye propose they be left to breed without some sort of culling?

How would he cull them ? Poison ? Definitely not. Shooting ? A shotgun needs to be fairly close to get a clean kill otherwise the fox is merely wounded and could die in agony from gangrene. A rifle? Does he know the killing range of a rifle ?

The quickest and cleanest method is by foxhounds.

The lead hound goes in and with one quick snap the fox is dead. This “tearing to pieces” is of a corpse.

If Big Eye is concerned with cruelty perhaps he could have a go at halal butchery. Now that is cruel.

Michael Warden,

Tilney St Lawrence