Letters: Michael Warden, November 11, 2016

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Given that Norfolk is one of the least “enriched” counties in England, can anyone please explain to me why we have five political commissars (aka diversity officers) each with a team?

I assume they are all highly-trained police officers, so why are they not doing proper police work? Are they employed by Norfolk Constabulary – or Minitrue? Do they scurry around looking for the odd word now decreed by an Islamic Law (Sharia)-compliant government to be ‘verboten’ and not part of Newspeak? Are there lists of informers willing to sell their own grannies and report anyone unwise enough to criticise those who must not be criticiszed? Is it part of their remit to ensure that people remain an “unaware and compliant citizenry”? As an income tax and council tax payer, I need to know my taxes are being spent wisely and efficiently.

Michael Warden, Tilney St Lawrence