Letters: Michael Warden, October 20, 2015

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Newspapers reported the death of Donald, a two-month-old boy who died while living in a car with his homeless parents. His death was not flashed all over the world by the global media, hardly mentioned, unlike the story of Aylan Kardi, the Syrian boy who drowned when in the company of his people trafficker father.

In 2015 why is a British family sleeping in a car? Why is there no money for families like these, yet money is found for immigrants? Where are the volunteers who called for help for immigrants? Why was no housing found for this family?

We hear that “Syrian refugees” are going to be housed in the Lynn area. Do we have empty houses all ready and waiting? Or will the borough council adopt the Swedish and German model – that of evicting families in social housing to make room? And, if houses are already empty and waiting, why were they not given to any homeless British people in Lynn?

And how does offering houses to the immigrants square with the council’s policy of a three-year residence during the last five years?

Michael Warden

Tilney St Lawrence