Letters: Mick Hammond, February 10, 2015

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In reply to Jo Rust (Letters, January 27), I believe that the previous Labour government must bear some responsibility for the overloading of the ambulance service and A&E.

When the time came for the GPs to renegotiate their contracts, doing away with evenings and weekends was one of their aspirations.

In line with its reputation, the Labour government caved in to a union and conceded all points. Doctors used to travel in their cars to see patients who were most poorly. No patients who are unable to move have to call an ambulance. And instead of seeing their GP they now go to A&E, straining these services to breaking point. Any competent Government, when making such a huge concession to doctors, should have arranged for additional sources to fill the gap.

Worse still, instead of asking the doctors themselves to fund the gap they had left, the Labour government not only didn’t reduce their pay, it gave them a pay rise. On this evidence, it is inconceivable Labour can ever claim any credence in its ability to run the NHS.

Mick Hammond,

Astley Crescent, Hunstanton