Letters: Mike Knights, February, 6, 2015

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The incinerator’s ultimate defeat was the result of many peoples’ hard work across our whole community.

So many were involved over the years, it will be difficult to properly thank each and everyone for their contribution.

Some worked in the limelight, while many more slaved away anonymously.

Now the fight is over we have another election coming up, and everyone will have their various reasons for deciding which way to vote.

Party loyalties or promises of a better future will no doubt play their part but what about a candidate’s character and past performance?

Until the incinerator campaign, I knew little about local government and generally held a cynical view of politicians.

I am pleased to say my outlook improved since I encountered some fantastic politicians from all parties and independents.

There are, of course, still some others who are self serving with little to offer but their hunger for power.

Criticising when councillors get it wrong is an essential part of our democracy. However, it is also important to let good councillors know when they did a great job; credit where it’s due.

Election leaflets recently appeared featuring quotes attributed to me, and rightfully questions were raised about interfering with party politics.

I have expressed my gratitude to many politicians from every political party.

Those who deserve such recognition, and there are many of them, have permission to publish this in their election leaflets.

You can better judge politicians from what they have actually done, rather than the colour of their rosette.

Lastly, this campaign has certainly not been an enjoyable experience but it was a privilege being part of something, which united our community and politicians in protecting West Norfolk.

I hope we may yet have a big party to celebrate this important win. Thank you again for all your support

Mike Knights

Vice chairman KLWIN