Letters; Mike Lacey, February 17, 2015

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It would seem as though those correspondents who write on behalf of the Right Wing Parties (Tories, Liberal-Democrats and Ukip) have lost any historical perspective: they blame all the woes besetting us on the Labour Party and particularly the last Labour Government.

The truth of the matter is that the austerity enforced on the poor and vulnerable in our society is due to the exploitative behaviour of the people who refuse to pay taxes and are currently pouring money into the election funds of the Right Wing.

For those who think all politicians are the same, I disagree with you. We, in the Labour Party, offer a different vision of society. We have and ways will strive for a society that respects and values each person as an individual not as an economic unit providing profit for a few. This society will value each person irrespective of gender, ethnicity, orientation in love, religion/non-religion. We disassociate ourselves from the Right Wing’s misogyny, racism, homophobia, xenophobia and staged hysteria.

We aspire to a society that has an open, just and fair legal system, with protection by the police and other agencies for all citizens not just for those who can pay or deal in strange hand shakes.

Our society should have education that assesses and attempts to provide for the specific needs of each person. This means allowing teachers and lecturers to do what they are trained for and not enforce a political ideology.

We in the Labour Party now see our society as a stewardship of all resources. We disassociate ourselves from the exploitation of the privately owned corporations. We believe that no resources should be drained for the benefit of a few and that resources like energy, travel et cetera should be taken back into an enlightened public ownership.

We want our National Health Service properly researched and funded and all contracted out work to be restored to NHS. We want to stop the austerity imposed on most citizens and restore the Welfare State.

A true historical perspective will reveal that the prime minister who did most to make the UK ‘a land fit for heroes’ was Clement Attlee. And yet we commemorate a man who in 1911 sent troops against miners in Wales.

Mike Lacey,

Tinker’s Way, Downham