Letters; Mike Lacey, May 8, 2015

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For seven days I was in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. From the moment my wife dialled 999 and spoke to the paramedics to the very moment the porter took me to meet my wife to take me home, the care was superb.

The flow of care right through to discharge was delivered caringly and professionally.

Each stage had its dedicated personnel, whether paramedic, nurses, surgeons, healthcare assistants, phlebotomists, cleaners and porters. I wish to express my thanks to all.

All this caring and professionalism (skills based on valid and evidenced research) is a template for our society.

Lately, we have heard, read and seen expressions of fear, suspicion, xenophobia, bordering on racism of which most is based on paranoia or self promotion and indulgence. To many of us, the NHS (mental health, community, and many other sections) along with the Welfare State as envisaged by Mr Attlee’s government and departments, and as executed by the West Norfolk NHS in my recent case provides the basis on which this society, and others, can unite without uniformity and preserving diversity, with a positive attitude towards itself and other societies, banishing fear and hatred.

Mike Lacey,