Letters: Mike Larcey, August 11, 2015

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In The Guardian/Observer, the group are advertising a T-shirt that I thought I might purchase. It has emblazoned on it “I am the one the Daily Mail warned you about”. I would wear it proudly.

The reason is that today I read in your letters pages, views from Michael Warden and David Holmes. May I suggest to them that they look elsewhere than the Mail/Express/Times, Telegraph headlines to inform their perception of the world.

Let me take one expression implied: “to immigrate is to infiltrate”. This resonates of Cameron’s disastrous “swarms” outburst.

Objective investigations have shown that, firstly, the people who are trying to get into the UK are human beings and, secondly, they have no desire to overturn our society. In fact, those who do want to come to the UK, want to work and integrate with us.

A historical perspective will show that migration into this country has greatly enriched the four countries of the UK. What research by universities have shown is that immigrants bring jobs and prosperity. We should welcome our fellow human beings and help them to settle.

I am the so-called ‘multi-culturalist, leftie’ that Mr Warden and the Mail warn about.

Mike Larcey