Letters: Mike Larcey, August 16, 2016

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The new Prime Minister, Theresa May, declared that she would work for all citizens of the UK.

However, she appoints Johnson as Foreign Secretary, an insult to our European friends. She has pointed Liam Fox as international business secretary, who is selling the governance of the UK to global corporations. She has appointed Jeremy Hunt as Health Secretary, who is a serial privatiser of public services. Mr Hunt has plans to reduce NHS services in all parts of the UK. Leaked information has revealed that he plans to axe 500 beds. He is stopping nurse training bursaries which should interest Leave voters as this means we will need more foreign nurses. The Tories have for the past six years been underfunding the NHS in order to undermine confidence in a tax funded universal health system that is based on need and not on the depth of one’s pocket. Who voted this lot in?

Mike Larcey, Downham