Letters: Mike Larcey, August 5, 2016

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A deciding issue during the EU referendum was that of loss of sovereignty.

Leave campaigners were telling us that to quit the EU would be to restore democracy to UK citizens and they gave the impression that unelected foreign bureaucrats were running this country. Many of my comrades in the Labour Party had and still have reservations about membership of the EU, seeing it as a union biased, many in favour of capitalism, with a tendency to favour trade agreements that ride over democratic control. There are some great benefits for citizens due to the EU in better working conditions and protection of human rights. However, thanks to Brexit, the UK is being led into something far worse. By appointing Liam Fox as international trade secretary, Theresa May has sold the UK to the global corporations. So much for gaining control of our own country. The UK is becoming merely a franchise of these corporations. Fox is the darling of corporate organisations having set up Atlantic Bridge, majorly financed by a hedge fund owner linked with a corporate lobbying group called the American Legislative Exchange Council funded by tobacco, pharmaceutical and oil companies. Their primary aims are to privatise public services and release corporations from legislation.Fox wants to rip up the social contract, dismantling of the benefit system and turning them into tax cuts , a three to five year release from capital gains tax, freezing of public spending, deregulation of the labour market, restricting housing benefit. This is a case of handing over the governance of the UK to unelected, all-for-profit faceless boardroom suits. May says she wants to govern the UK for all UK citizens. The appointment of Liam Fox to the cabinet indicates otherwise. We may have had a change in Prime Minister but we face the same double speak as before! On top of all this, she appoints Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary. A joke or an insult?

Mike Larcey, Downham