Letters: Mike Larcey, February 9, 2016

david cameron PMQ PPP-160302-121403001
david cameron PMQ PPP-160302-121403001
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There is something sinister about Mr Cameron’s “a bunch of migrants” beyond the appalling lack of humanity towards people who are fleeing from the events in the Middle East.

We have to look beyond his dismissive remarks towards people seeking safety and security in lands and within cultures that are foreign to them, lacking any humanity towards their plight or aspirations. Along with the Daily Mail/Express/Times et cetera, he, contrary to any sound evidence, depicts them as benefit seekers.

The broader issue that belies his remarks is his attitude to all of us outside his Heythrop set and the like. The “bunch of migrants” is merely a smoke screen or red herring that diverts the citizens of the UK from how he and his elite group perceive us all as second class citizens, who have a cost but no value except to fill their pockets. The evidence is all there; his policies that punish the ordinary citizen for the sins of the elite. Policy after policy undermines the economic security of the most vulnerable, then pensioners and then workers by undermining the very organisations that defend their rights (trade unions, civil liberties). His policies have slashed health and social care, stigmatising dependents as leeches. He is selling off the NHS and Social Care to private companies whose only aim is profit and at the same time is hamstringing local authorities making them struggle to pay costs. The police are struggling to cope due to cost cutting.

This knowing the cost of everything but the value of nothing attitude of the Tory government indicates who really runs this country: the global, corporate corporations. They are subsidised by the tax payer but pay a derisory amount of tax themselves. They will dictate whether the UK stays or leaves the EU.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to the sneering, hectoring and one-line management of Cameron: the rational, calm and caring Mr Jeremy Corbyn.

Mike Larcey