Letters: Mike Larcey, July 21, 2015

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‘Nye’ Bevan, a true working person’s politician, once described the Tories as “lower than vermin”.

One wonders what language he would use to describe the current Tory government after the fiasco of a budget. I imagine he would use very strong language to describe George Osborne who used a budget speech full of newspaper headlines with no substance to dismantle everything Attlee’s government succeeded in doing (NHS, Welfare State) in order to further his own political career.

To take one example of Osborne’s attempt at subterfuge: His promise of legislating that by 2020 the national living wage would be £9 per hour. The Living Wage Foundation predicts that it will have to be £12 per hour. The £9 per hour is in fact lowering the minimum wage when one factors in the loss of tax credits and inflation.

His economic strategy is based on keeping strict repression of working people while allowing the super-rich to feather their own nests. No wonder the UK’s production levels are one of the worst in Europe.

Even his claim that the UK is recovering from the economic problems caused by his minders, the bankers and a certain media family, is illusionary. The recovery from the 2008 crash was faster under Brown and Darling. The better ideas in the budget were taken from proposals by Ed Miliband. Good ol’ Nye, he had a way with words.

Mike Larcey

Tinkers Way, Downham