Letters: Mike Larcey, June 12, 2015

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So David Cameron is trying to promote the notion of One Nation. However, we saw between the lines of the Queen’s Speech, his interpretation of this One Nation idea is the sacrificial effort of the majority to fund the lives of the parasitic few.

More money for the NHS but from where? Of course, the TTIP through which large corporate bodies will buy out the services of the NHS and it will not be long before funding will be placed into the hands of American medical insurance companies. Health services will be based on how much profit they can make out of illnesses not on need.

Cameron is going to be hard on immigration. However, one doubts his commitment to this as his government have reduced the Border Agency and the police. Of course, he will attempt to reduce legal migration especially from the EU, but those who pour funds into Tory treasure chests like illegal immigration: cheap labour.

He wants to repeal the Human Rights Act and wants to formulate a British one, but give the task to Gove. May as well ask one of the 20th century’s dictators to write it.

His negotiations with Merkel, Hollande and other EU leaders is not about leaving the EU but of stripping away the social welfare within EU legislation so that his ‘friends’ can assault the Unions and workers’ rights.

All in all, Cameron is not just taking us back to the 1930s but to the 1830s. Even in his commitment to sell off social housing at discount is part of his plan for social cleansing: It will eventually land a lot of people in severe debt and eventually be bought by property dealers. One Nation? Do not be fooled.

Mike Larcey