Letters: Mike Larcey, June 14, 2016

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EU flag PNL-140404-113516001
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It is evident that certain politicians are doing everything they can to hand over the sovereignty of the British people to global corporations and to destroy what is unique to the UK – the so called Brexit campaigners.

Their title is a figment of their imagination as is the scaremongering they spread through the media.

One of the sanest people to comment on this farrago is Georges Dassis, President of the European Economic and Social Committee. I quote him:

“However imperfect it may be, the European Union’s primary purpose is to safeguard peace. It is the main architect of the peace that we have enjoyed for over 70 years. This peace is not given but must be cultivated

every day through dialogue and solidarity.”

He goes on to say that despite the impression given by some of the media, Britain has had great influence within the EU. Sometimes this influence has been to the detriment to the peoples of the UK by preventing EU from becoming more social or acting in solidarity to improve things for its citizens. However, if the UK Government acted more in solidarity with the rest of the EU, conditions for its citizens would improve. One wonders why UKIP, its backers and the Tories would wish to prevent conditions improving for the citizens of the UK and of the EU?

The more we become ‘little Englanders’ as some Tories and UKIP want us to become, the more impoverished we become. The membership of the EU is about being involved and about sharing. It is a case for improving all our lives through peaceful collaboration. It also is a sign of a mature society that is not plagued by xenophobia or prejudices, a sign of a culture growing.