Letters: Mike Larcey, June 23, 2015

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It is now crystal clear what is George Osborne’s agenda.

The selling off of the remaining publically owned share of the RBS and the Royal Mail is a continuation of the Thatcher era of privatisation. One could also add the creeping privatisation of the NHS and Social Welfare. Whereas Thatcher justified her actions claiming to create a share owning nation, Osborne claims he is doing this budget sale to reduce the nation’s deficit!

The question one asks is, if this is his real intention, why is he selling at bargain prices? If he wants to reduce the deficit and to reduce austerity, why does he not sell at market prices? The truth of the matter is that his agenda is to line the pockets of those who pour money into Tory coffers with the nation’s silver.

This philosophy of his and of David Cameron is that the nation’s resources are directed towards increasing and protecting the assets of the privileged few.

The rest of the nation have to rely on philanthropy. Philanthropy can be generous and progressive but it can be chaotic, that is to say, inconsistent, selective, judgemental, and not based on one’s rights as a member of society.

I just wonder how many of the 36.8 per cent of eligible voters who voted Tory will realised they have been suckered into voting for them?

Mike Larcey