Letters: Mike Larcey, June 28, 2016

Jeremy Corbyn: Rally support
Jeremy Corbyn: Rally support
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For us who voted Remain in the referendum, there is light at the end of the tunnel and this comes from an unlikely place – Spain.

Contesting the Spanish election is a political party named Unidos Podemos which is standing on a platform of opposing austerity and of democratising Spain and Europe. As opposed to the Leave campaigners, who blame all our problems, including lack of secure, decently paid secure jobs, shortage of houses, strain on health and social services on migrants and people fleeing terror, Podemos challenges this view and identifies powerful interests responsible for Spain’s and the EU’s problems. This party is not one of political elites but a popular movement.

One possible reason why the Spanish are less likely to blame migrants for Spain’s problems is that they have experienced a Fascist regime. Part of the media and certain politicians have used immigration as a red herring and as a scapegoat.

The deteriorating living standards, the decrease and strain on public services are due to a Government that has pursued a policy of austerity for ordinary citizens. Leaving the EU will not solve these problems. Nor will it help to manage migration, especially illegal immigration. Fortunately, by bucking the trend, Podemos will show how to deal with such problems – find out the real culprits and democratise Spain and the EU.

Jeremy Corbyn delivered a similar message. He refused to blame those who took advantage of the freedom of movement and placed the blame for our problems on the Tory government. Of course, the message was not well publicised by our largely right wing press. There was an attempt to blame him for the success of Leave, but he is a politician, and has been for over 30 years, who has reasoned through debate, not through repeating misleading sound bites.

Mike Larcey, Downham