Letters: Mike Larcey, March 10, 2015

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The correspondent who criticised the Bishops for speaking out against austerity, and a previous correspondent who criticised your newspaper for publishing letter from Jo Rust, are indulging in a variant of McCarthyism in repressing all voices of opposition to the Right Wing (Tories, LibDems and Ukip) using spurious pretexts.

In this case, the correspondent objected to Bishops being involved in political affairs and should restrict themselves to preaching the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ this coming Easter.

Firstly, the Bishops and other clergy/representatives of religious bodies are citizens of the UK, therefore to deny their ability to state their opinions on political matters is a violation of human rights. Does freedom of expression only apply to right wingers?

Secondly, it is noticeable that the correspondent only wrote of the passion and death and resurrection of Jesus. A significant part of Jesus’ mission was also His life, and during His life He identified with the outcasts of society and was murdered for it. This fact makes uncomfortable reading for right wingers as their political philosophy is to exploit the rest of society and to make destitute the vulnerable.

Thirdly, I refer your readers to

Matthew 25:31-46 - The Sheep and the Goats. In this parable Jesus does not preach of a reward for philanthropy at the end of time. In His parables He presents the Kingdom of God as it is today.

Mike Larcey,

Downham Market