Letters: Mike Larcey, March 11, 2016

Chancellor George Osborne announces his budget. Photo: PA EMN-150928-134545001
Chancellor George Osborne announces his budget. Photo: PA EMN-150928-134545001
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The Chancellor has announced that there will be further cuts in public spending.

It is also transpires that hard-earned pensions will be reduced or devalued.

Mr Osborne persistently blamed the 1997-2010 Labour Government’s public spending for the huge debt incurred by the UK. As recognised by most independent financial experts, the huge debt was due to international banking which had indulged in disastrous decisions in the quest for quick profits. What Osborne is failing to admit is that after the banking crisis, Mr Darling, the then Labour Chancellor, was presiding over a faster economic recovery. In came Osborne and the recovery faltered. In his response, Osborne pursued a policy of austerity which he imposed on the ordinary citizen.

Osborne is now blaming a dip in the world economy for the need for further austerity. What he doesn’t want to admit is that since 2010, Osborne has borrowed increasingly to cover up his incompetence and the failed policy of austerity. What is still needed is to invest in order to advance. Stripping the UK of its assets by cutting expenditure on public spending and his failure to tax the people who fill the coffers that keep the Tories in power is to leave the UK’s cupboard bare. The result of Osbornomics is fewer doctors and medical and nursing staff, fewer police and fewer police stations, longer waits in A&E, fewer fire brigades, poorer roads, poorer public transport, slow down in housing developments.

There is a campaign to keep parking free in Downham. When Osborne cuts finance to local authorities, how can they raise money to maintain services?

Mike Larcey, Downham Market