Letters: Mike Larcey, march 25, 2016

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I heard Liam Fox on the BBC Radio arguing for Brexit. I have to say I was most disappointed with his argument.

For a high-ranking Tory, his thesis was all smoke and mirrors. To paraphrase, he said he wanted the legislation that governed the UK to be decided solely by the UK, giving the impression that such laws were imposed on the UK by Brussels. This argument falls down firstly on the fact that the UK is firmly and decisively involved in decision making in the EU. The UK is not a passive member giving abeyance to some grey mandarins in ivory towers somewhere secretive in the EU. The purpose of EU decision making is to ensure that there is fair and equal governance of all peoples in the EU. Surely this is something to aspire to? The best argument I have heard for Brexit is not from the xenophobic and paranoid Tories and Ukippers, but from the Left. Without a doubt, despite some advances in work practices, the EU is overwhelmingly a pro-capital club. Its focus is on creating optimum trading environments for EU businesses. Human and civil rights do come second. However, I say to my comrades that there is some strength in uniting with colleagues in other countries to correct the balance. Brexit would mean being ruled by Times Corporation, the Barclay brothers and Rothermere: the fulfilment of the Tory Government. The Brexiters are doing one thing useful: showing us all how divisive they are amongst themselves. The divisions in the Labour Party imagined by the right wing media is nothing compared with this in-fighting.

Mike Larcey, Downham