Letters: Mike Larcey, March 31, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn gave a speech at the Burston Strike Rally.
Jeremy Corbyn gave a speech at the Burston Strike Rally.
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There is no doubt that the economic policy of the past seven years has been to bleed the nation dry for the benefit of a few. How else can one explain the rationale behind the budget announcement. The message from Hammond was ‘if you are rich, fill your boots.’

The increase in national insurance for the self-employed was no gaff by Hammond but the policy of Toryism: to strip the state of all its responsibilities towards its citizens and to make public services profit making enterprises for corporate organisations. Due to the the fake policies of Thatcher and her latest devotees, the citizens become nothing more than a cash cow for those who pour money and undeclared facilities into the Tory Party.

Companies now will be keen to change the status of employees to that of ‘self-employed’ so that they do not have to pay national insurance tax, sick pay, holiday pay and pay before the living wage.

Thank goodness it is because misinformation and lies can only convince so far and the alternative, as represented by Mr Corbyn, will eventually get across and the structures of our society will undergo a radical change. This change will be based on openness, inclusiveness, equality, justice and value of each person and each element of ‘creation’.

I have a great sorrow for Tories, Ukippers, fascists and neo-Nazis. Theirs is a world that is always in shadows and they need to surround themselves with the science of destruction. In contrast, at the monthly meeting of the Downham and District Labour Party in the Methodist Hall, there was friendship and a good deal of happiness within the branch.

Mike Larcey

Downham Market