Letters: Mike Larcey, March 8, 2016

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My acquaintance, Jonathan Toye, is trying to persuade local MPs Ms Truss and Sir Henry Bellingham to support him in trying to attain some justice and fairness with regard to a person receiving PIP, formerly Disabled Living Allowance. Recipients on the higher level can request a hire vehicle from Motability.

The mobility allowance part of PIP is taken out to fund the hiring of a vehicle.

What has been happening is that the company reassessing recipients has been reducing some persons’ status, meaning that they are no longer eligible to hire a vehicle.

The major problem is that people dependent on a vehicle for transport immediately have their vehicle withdrawn. They are entitled to appeal but that can take six months. Considering that 80 per cent of appeals are upheld, the withdrawal of a vehicle is unjust. People are having their means of transport withdrawn on the basis of an inaccurate reassessment.

It does indicate that the deciding criteria of reassessment is a target of cost reduction rather than need.

Further support from your readers would be helpful. Perhaps write to the local MPs? After all, what sort of society do we want? One in which most residents of the UK are viewed by a small elite, as Mr Corbyn has denounced, as “cash cows”, or one in which each citizen is valued?

Mike Larcey, Downham