Letters: Mike Larcey, May 15, 2015

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I would like to thank the 276 persons who voted for me as that Labour Party candidate in South Downham Market Ward. I thank them on behalf of myself and the Labour Party.

The result was disappointing but not unexpected, unlike the General Election. To be honest, the odds were heavily stacked against our case and principles due to the amount of dire propaganda of unreliable, invalid and unsubstantiated red herrings published by the Tories and Ukip.

For democracy we need two things: Freedom of choice, and for that choice to be informed by evidenced based, reliable and valid information. Labour has based its case and principles on these.

The Tories and Ukip, and at times the LibDem, have fallen well short of this rigour. In fact, the Daily Mail, Express, The Tines, The Sun and The Telegraph have totally ignored informed choice.

As citizens of the UK, we need to open up a discussion on the ‘freedom of the press’.

My message to the 276 voters and to those who campaigned on behalf of the principles of the Labour Party, to say we ‘lost’ the election is an overstatement. Our case for a just and equal society is firm.

This has not been ‘lost’. Eventually, those hood-winked by the Right Wing will come to understand that it is in their interest to live in a democratic, mature, equal and fair society. Paddy Ashdown said on QT that what suffered on Thursday was politics.

I would go further and say that democracy suffered badly during the election.

Thank you voters. Thank you Lynn News.

Mike Larcey

Tinkers Way, Downham