Letters: Mike Larcey, May 3, 2016

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In a letter to the press, Mr. D. Holmes expressed his concern that should the UK remain within the EU, the UK would lose its sovereignty and be governed by an unelected bunch of bureaucrats.

By this ‘sovereignty’ I assume he means to legislate or make laws that govern our society. Where does he get this idea from? It is a character of the European Union. The UK is fully involved in the EU, not a passive member. Has he not heard of the European Parliament, to which the UK sends elected members? What about the number of opt outs the UK has negotiated?

If Mr Holmes is worried about UK sovereignty, then he should look to the grasping, lusting power of the global corporations. The reality is that we are in a struggle with these monsters to maintain our democracy and, thanks to certain anti-democratic moves by Cameron/Osborne (Trade Union Bill, schools forced to be academies, NHS Trusts, changes to constituencies and voting registration) the ordinary people of the UK are being gradually dis-enfrancised.

In the EU, we can find strength together to defend, preserve, maintain and develop our democracies and if this means closer union with the EU, so be it.

Mike Larcey, Downham