Letters: Mike Larcey, November 11, 2016

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The ruling of the High Court that the terms and conditions of “Leave” should be presented for Parliament to scrutinise is to be commended.

This is not an attempt to disrupt Leave. Despite how the result of the referendum was achieved, through a campaign of untruths and misinformation which could only be admired by Donald Trump, the nation, by a small majority, has decided to cease membership of European Union.

However, because it was a purely in/out referendum, the nation was not invited to vote on to what the UK would be exiting. The High Court decision has handed this task to our elected representatives and to the House of Lords. Despite the inflammatory language of Leavers expressed in populist media such as the Daily Mail against the courts and those who brought the issue to the courts, the citizens have a democratic right to scrutinise the plans even if this right should involve a second referendum.

The vile headlines and the opposition of the executive indicate either Leavers have no plan whatever for the future of this nation or that it is the EU which will dictate to the UK conditions of exit.

Why should we who voted to remain suffer the consequences of a defective result?

What Leavers need to open their eyes to is that the referendum was not about the welfare of the citizens of the UK. Nor had it anything to do with the European Union. It was a case of Tories playing a political game. And it has backfired on them as they rapidly renege on their promises made during their propaganda. Ask Johnson what is happening to the £350million that would be diverted from the EU to the NHS. Contrast this politicking by Tories and Ukip to the choice of leader by the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn. Listen to what he says, not what the media says he says.

The aggression of Leavers has led to, to say the least, unsavoury incidents. Some incidents have been violent and murderous. It is as though the Leave campaign has released the genie of xenophobia and prejudice we are trying to exorcise from this nation.

The jingoism of Ukip is characterised by the image of their interim leader and chief self publicist, Farage, sharing a platform with Donald Trump. What is mind blowing is the denial of potential against all logic and research by Leavers who have wrapped themselves up in the cloak of isolationism.

Mike Larcey