Letters; Mike Larcey, October 28, 2016

A sign welcoming the Syrian migrants in Madrid, Spain. PNL-160927-163947001
A sign welcoming the Syrian migrants in Madrid, Spain. PNL-160927-163947001
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The situation in the refugee camp is a pointer to how low parts of the UK society have sunk.

It is particularly disgraceful how the unaccompanied children are being denied shelter in this country. I am sure that most citizens of the UK have compassion towards these children and to refugees in general but the powerful right wing in Government and in the populist press and political parties treat these human beings as vermin. One excuse is that the camp is on French soil and it is down to the French to sort it out but most want to come to the UK and a significant number have relatives in this country. Their basic human rights are being denied to them: rights to have somewhere to live, education, healthcare and to be able to earn a living, to get married and have a family.

It is sign of the refugees’ desperation that they choose to come to the UK with its increasing hate crime.

The major problem with the separatists’ view of anti-immigration is that they do not see the potential that refugees offer. Those who do not know their history are ignorant of what immigrants have brought to these lands: the organisation of the Romans, the beautiful craft and the developing trading of the Anglo-Saxons, the abolition of slavery by the Normans and their legal and parliamentary system, the industry of the Huguenots, the trading skills and banking skills of the Jews, to say but a little of the enrichment of UK society by African and Asian communities. The attacks on our Polish communities is a travesty of true justice and based on blind ignorance because they not only defended this country against Nazis but have contributed considerably through skilled labour. What the separatists need to do is to go around the various scientific research parks in East Anglia and see the contribution made by people who have come or whose decendants have come from outside the UK.

Mike Larcey, Tinkers Way, Downham Market