Letters: Mike Larcey, September 15, 2015

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It is understandable that people will resent the arrival of refugees and migrants. Fuelled by scaremongering articles in certain newspapers. They will understandably fear that refugees and migrants will take houses, jobs and healthcare resources that they have struggled to attain for themselves.

However, the problems that we face obtaining these resources is not in any way the fault of the refugees and migrants. It is the failure of the Government, which under the excuse of the need for austerity, have withdrawn or restricted their access, the funding having been relocated to the people who fund the Tory and UKIP parties. It is a disgrace that the Cameron/Osborne government will take funding from the Foreign Aid budget to finance helping Syrian refugees. Just as it was a disgrace that a UKIP councillor suggested using monies from said budget to pay for rehabilitation of soldiers wounded in current UK military action. (The next day the BBC reported the excellent care received by soldiers from the NHS supplying the latest treatments). Both show how devoid of any historical awareness Tories and UKIP are.

Looking to fund to help the vulnerable in our society and those from other nations needing refuge, then rid us of Trident (even if someone did attack us full scale, would we in conscience kill hundreds of thousands in collateral damage?); stop the ridiculous in/out of EU referendum whose result we already know; and replace the House of Lords with a smaller, elected chamber.

Did not Cameron earlier in the year say that the UK is a Christian country? Well, he should read the letter of St James being read by some Christian traditions in current liturgy in which he says “Absolute religion… feed the widow and the orphans…”

Mike Larcey