Letters: Mike Larcey, September 2, 2016

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One has almost to feel pity for Brexit correspondents such as Mr Wheatley.

They believe that democracy is a just matter of counting heads. Democracy is a process of respecting each individual, seeing each person, irrespective of ethnicity, gender, age, physical, mental and emotional capabilities, as equal and having a right to participate in society. In order to allow each person to function equally in society, they must be informed not misinformed or lied to. Brexiters bang on about immigrants taking UK citizens’ jobs, housing, and benefits and clog up the scarce resources of public services, especially the NHS, when the truth is staring them in the face: the creed of austerity by the Tories which has applied only to the ordinary citizen. Independent research by UK Universities in 2014/15 have shown that economic migrants are beneficial to our economy.

By undermining our key European alliances, the UK will find it extremely hard to generate other trading relationships. Brexit will exacerbate the UK’s vulnerability, both economic and political, in a changing world where the Western powers are fading and Eastern and South American are shaping a new world order. Why should these new world powers do the UK any favours? Our imperialists and capitalists have raped and plundered their countries. As for our “friends” the USA, our relationship is merely decorative.

I would not be so sure of joining the European Free Trade Association which has access to the European Single Market. Often mentioned is the case of Norway, an EFtA member and a member of the European Economic Area which is a grouping of all EU members and 4 EFtA members. In order for Norway to gain from trading in the ESM, she has to comply with EU laws which she has no say in developing. Also, Norway is not keen for the UK to join the EFtA. EFtA has trade agreements with 38 other countries and should the UK join EFtA, each trade agreement would have to renegotiated. The Norwegians warned the UK not to leave the EU.

Mike Larcey, Downham