Letters: Mike Larcey, September 27, 2016

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While the whole of the NHS is crumbling around us, Mrs May digs up as a headline policy the archaic grammar school/secondary modern school split in education.

This division within education is a discredited educational plan that is immoral in that it is a system that stigmatises the majority of students as valueless. Really, what she hopes to re-introduce is the secondary modern school in order to scoop the majority of resources for the favoured minority. She may tweak entrance to grammar schools but the fact is that the majority of students will be rejected. The private school is drooling at the prospect of profits they will make from middle class parents who will send their children who have failed the 11 plus. As for her hope that grammar schools will make provision to taking in children from deprived areas, that is either pure romance or a cloak thrown over the issue. She is presenting this plan against the advice of most of the teaching fraternity and ignoring not only the Labour Party but also her own party.

I suspect that this was an inept attempt to cover up the flagrant action of reducing the services of the NHS so that the private sector can move in. However, the private sector cannot cope with the needs of a comprehensive healthcare system. The only way of financing this sort of system is through fair taxation. The alternative is provision of services only for those who can afford it. Healthcare is a right not a privilege. So, the attempt to cover all this up by digging up the issue of grammar schools is grossly inept politicking.

Mike Larcey, Downham Market