Letters: Mike Larcey, September 30, 2016

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A sign of someone who has lost an argument in a debate is when s/he resorts to insults. Leave supporters have called Remain campaigners like myself whingers and supercilious.

Isn’t it the Leave group who have been whingeing since 1973?

To leave the EU will cost the UK more than remaining by trying to re-enter the EU single market and by going cap in hand to non-EU traders. As President Obama said, the UK will go to the back of queue. The City finance centre will go either to Paris or Frankfurt, the research facilities will be cherry-picked by other nations. Typical of the lies told by Johnson and company is the lie that the weekly £300million-plus saved by leaving will go to the NHS. That promise is already being retracted. There was misinformation spread by Leavers that migrants were to blame for the shortage of housing, shortage of jobs, full hospitals, benefit cheating and swamping the country with foreigners. The loss of sovereignty is a myth, as the UK is now a subsidiary of News Corporation and allies. There is light at the end of this Brexit debacle: a second referendum on the details that May’s government negotiate with the EU. Considering that the only reason to leave the EU is to smash human and civil rights fought over for centuries (Peasants’ Revolt, Pilgrimage of Grace, the Levellers and Diggers, Chartist Movement, Trade Union Movement, Women’s Suffrage, Labour Party, etcetera) and the self-promotion of Johnson, Gove, Farage and Duncan Smith, I will consider any agreement on the principles of the promotion of democratic socialism and the sovereignty of each individual person socially and economically.

Mike Larcey, Downham Market