Letters: Mill Lane, March 24, 2015

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I have today felt inclined to write in to the Lynn News, out of pure rage.

For several days in a row now at around 9.30pm/10.30pm my husband and I have heard, what can only be described as a group of utterly mindless youths, who sit around on the swings in the Memorial Park playing field shouting expletives, and generally being an absolute nuisance.

We hear the clink of bottles, motorbikes running, you name it.

Furthermore, my husband and I looked out of our bedroom window only to see these youths wrapping the children’s swings round and round the top bars of the swing. All I can say is why? Why? Why?! What an utterly stupid thing to do.

The park fence is broken, where someone has kicked it in it.

As a result of this broken fence, there is now a wide gap where dogs can get through. I have witnessed dogs running through the gap in the fence where children play. It’s just a matter of time before a child or parent either gets bitten or stands in dogs’ mess, made by the dogs escaping through this fence gap.

You are ruining the park for the parents and children that live in Downham Market. Not to mention the residents that live down Mill Lane opposite this park. HAVE YOU NO RESPECT FOR ANYONE??

Nobody begrudges teenagers playing football/tennis at night, but simply sitting around shouting and swearing is disrespectful towards the residents of this area, and should not be tolerated.

The park is also regularly littered with rubbish, as is the tennis court, no doubt from these mindless individuals.

In fact my two-and-a-half-old handed me some broken glass and an empty pizza box whilst at the park the other day. Which to be quite frank is disgusting. It is only a matter of time before a child injures themselves.

Parents, I would urge you to find out where your teenagers are at night.

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Mill Lane, Downham